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Wellbeing co to jest?

Wellbeing – what is it and why is it so important in every company?

Satisfied employees are the basis for a good atmosphere at work. The sense of satisfaction and joy in the office may include such factors as good relations, salary level, development and training opportunities or other attractions. Why is wellbeing so important and how can it affect the operation of the company? How to increase the level of employee satisfaction and what solutions to implement?

Wellbeing – what is it?

A conversation about what wellbeing is should begin with an approximation of the definition of this phenomenon. The Gallup Institute, based on research, distinguished 5 elements that create wellbeing. People feel content and fulfilled in their daily lives when:

  1. they like what they do on a daily basis (meaning),
  2. have significant friendships (relationships) in their lives,
  3. manage their money well (finance),
  4. enjoy health and life energy (physical condition/health),
  5. they like the environment in which they live, work and live (belonging to the community).

As you can see, many of these elements also apply to being in the workplace, after all, we spend most of our day there. Wellbeing is also an element of the company’s broader operating philosophy and a kind of foundation of the company. Thanks to the development of employees’ well-being, the company’s organizational culture is created, which is a showcase in the eyes of customers or contractors, and work productivity improves. It is important for employers to be aware that wellbeing at work is not a one-time activity, but a process of continuous monitoring and improvement of working conditions, including support for employees. Such an attitude has a beneficial effect both on individuals, where it prevents professional burnout, and on the activities of the entire organization.

Wellbeing w pracy

Wellbeing – examples

Since we already know how important wellbeing at work is, it is worth focusing on what specific actions can be implemented to streamline and improve this process. To do this, you should look at the points above to try to meet the specific needs of employees. What actions should be implemented to increase employee satisfaction? Below are some examples.

  • Take care of a good atmosphere

A good atmosphere at work is one that makes employees happy to come to their place of employment – unfortunately, for many people it is just a dream. This is influenced by the attitude of employers and superiors as well as co-workers. Of course, it is difficult to have 100% influence on workplace relationships. However, it is worth looking for solutions that will help employees get to know each other better, perhaps more than this private, loose side. For this purpose, trips or integration outings can be used, which make bonds stronger, and working among people you know and like simply makes it easier to work. Spaces in the office, conducive to integration, e.g. a place to play table football – during designated breaks, of course, can also help to build a good atmosphere.

  • Adjust the space to your needs

Do you know how important the space in which we stay is for our well-being? Imagine a small, dark office straight from the People’s Republic of Poland in opposition to a large, bright and modern one. Certainly, after 8 hours of being in this type of space, it is easy to see the difference in well-being. It is therefore important that the space is conducive to good working conditions. So it’s worth knowing what the recipe for the perfect office is. A relaxation zone, telephone booths or acoustic cabins are innovative solutions, suitable for a modern office, which will be appreciated by every employee.

  • Health is the basis

Physical condition and staying healthy are the elements that are the basis of how we feel every day. A good employer certainly wants his employees to be full of vitality. So there are several solutions, often practiced in large corporations. One of them is a medical package, which seems to be an excellent non-wage benefit. Thanks to this, the employee is not only under the constant care of a doctor, but also does not have to worry about financial matters. Unfortunately, many of us do not get tested regularly because of the fear of the cost of using medical care. Lifestyle also contributes to health, so after 8 hours of work, it is worth implementing some physical activity. The multisport card for employees is a great way to improve the health and well-being of employees. These types of benefits are greatly appreciated.

  • Give me the opportunity to develop

The factor of realizing yourself and developing your skills certainly contributes to the well-being of each of us. Offering various types of training certainly affects the development of employees, and thus also the company. For many young people (and not only) it is an incentive to climb the career ladder even higher and higher. In this case, it is extremely important to appreciate such an attitude and the employee’s achievements in a way that is adequate to the situation. Additional benefits or a raise are excellent motivators.

Importantly, it is worth adjusting all activities to the specifics of the company and office participants. Although the examples are universal, by personalizing them we can expect an even better effect. Employee satisfaction has a direct impact on efficiency and commitment to their duties. In addition, a good atmosphere at work is a success that all its participants work for, which is nice to appreciate every day.


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