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Coworking co to jest?

How should an ideal coworking space be created?

Coworking is an increasingly used form of remote work, which is very popular, especially in large cities. Coworking space is a place where everyone will find their place to spend a few hours dedicated to work. What should such a coworking space look like? How to design it so that it is universal and adapted to independent work? What conditions should such a place meet? You will find the answer to this and many other questions in the following text.

How should a coworking space be created?

Designing a coworking office is associated with the difficulty that it must be adapted to many different needs. Unlike an ordinary office, we cannot predict which people will use it. A coworking space should provide appropriate working conditions for freelancers, entrepreneurs and other people working remotely. What should the organization of office work look like in a coworking office and what elements should it include?

  1. Excellent IT infrastructure – Excellent IT infrastructure – Nowadays, it is hard to imagine an office without a good Internet connection. Reliable and strong Internet connections are essential in every office. In addition, it is worth providing printers, scanners and photocopiers. Some coworking offices also provide computers.
  2. Diverce space – Considering that a coworking office will be used by people from different backgrounds and with different needs, it is worth guaranteeing a non-uniform space. The basic place in this type of places is open space, while an interesting solution is to guarantee various types of additional conference rooms, telephone booths or noise-free space.
  3. Good acoustics – In the workplace, the basis is peace and quiet, which can be ensured by good acoustics in the office. It is essential so that you can focus on your duties. This is especially important in the case of coworking offices. People staying there are usually strangers to each other. In a situation where an employee wants to have, for example, a conversation, while not disturbing others, telephone booths that will guarantee a bit of privacy will be perfect. Such acoustic boxes will be perfect for coworking offices, so that everyone can feel respect for their peace and privacy.
  4. Administrative support available – Although a coworking office is often associated with a place visited from time to time, many people treat this space as their permanent place of work. Therefore, it is worth considering administrative services, understood as e.g. receiving mail and parcels, handling correspondence and taking care of order and cleanliness in the office.
  5. Appropriate equipment for workstations – Equipping a workplace in a universal way is not that simple. It is worth remembering that all equipment, e.g. a desk or a (comfortable) office chair, should have wide adjustment options so that it is easy to adjust it to the preferences and body structure of the employee. All elements should be ergonomic. When designing such an interior, one should not forget about conceptual ergonomics, i.e. appropriate lighting, adapted to the room, or air conditioning.
  6. Friendly common area – The coworking space gathers people from various industries in one place. It is a great opportunity to meet new people, both in private terms, but also to expand the network of professional acquaintances. It is therefore worth separating a place in such an office that will be a friendly environment for meeting people. Such a place can be a kitchen or a breakfast area, which will not only be useful in terms of practicality, but will also support the process of getting to know each other, e.g. during a meal together or drinking coffee from an espresso machine. A similar function will be fulfilled by the chillout zone, which will allow you to relax in good company.
  7. Accessibility – When choosing a place to create a coworking office, it is worth focusing on finding a location that is universal for many people and, above all, well connected with the rest of the city, e.g. in the vicinity of a metro station or tram line.

Coworking space

Coworking space is becoming more and more fashionable!

More and more people are choosing to work in a coworking office. Why? Working from home has ceased to have many advantages for many employees – remote work on a neutral ground definitely translates into the level of concentration, and thus the results of efficiency. We have started to clearly mark the boundaries between the private and professional spheres, which is why we are increasingly reluctant to bring work home.

Coworking offices provide convenient coworking space at a low cost, without having to rent your own office. These are often spaces equipped to a high standard. In addition, when working from home, many people simply suffer from loneliness – staying in a coworking office creates an opportunity to meet many new people from the industry and not only. A well-arranged office space, a coworking space, is a perfect solution for many people working remotely. Undoubtedly, such a solution opens up many possibilities that are out of the question when working from home or a random coffee shop. No wonder that coworking is becoming more and more popular, and more and more coworking offices are being built.


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