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The office is quite noisy place and everyone is often looking for an empty space to talk in silence. A balcony, a pantry, a hallway… Believe it or not – we’ve been there. Then one of us gets a crazy idea: “What if we could build a phone booth from our windows?”

Comfort and privacy
at a glance

Whenever you need to discuss details with a business partner, or brainstorm with your team, we’re on hand.

Sit back and focus on achieving your milestones.

Care about you
and your workplace

Customers say it’s easy to fall in love with our booths. See for yourself! Conduct an important conversation away from noise and distractions.

An acoustic booth means focus and privacy for you and silence and comfort for your colleagues.

Acoustic rooms for your office space.
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How to take care of
wellbeing in your office

There is increasing talk about the negative impact of the work environment on our mental health. As a result, employees can struggle with job burnout, and employers can face the costs of reduced efficiency and staff turnover. How to prevent this?

Purchasing process,
delivery and installation

Where can I buy a cabin? What level of soundproofing do your products provide? How long does it take to manufacture a cabin? How long does it take to install?

Here you will find answers to the most common questions about Spoty’s products and service quality.