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Classical conference room vs. acoustic cabins – what will work better in your office_

Classical conference room vs. acoustic cabins – what will work better in your office?

A conference room is the heart of any office. It is where the most important conversations take place and where key guests are invited. This space is representative and often serves as a business’s showcase. In modern offices, acoustic cabins are often used instead of classical conference rooms. What are they, what are their benefits, and why should you choose them instead of a traditional conference room? 

How should a conference room look like?

Having a conference room in a  business space is almost a necessity. This is where not only employees of the company meet to discuss the most important aspects of the company’s operation, but also clients and contractors. A lot happens in such a place. The arrangement of such a place should not be accidental – it is part of the office that should look representative. In the conference room, strategic decisions are usually made and important contracts or agreements are signed – this contributes to the first impression of the company. A well-arranged conference room is a kind of showcase of the business, and based on it, people visiting it can form their opinion about it. 


Such a room should also be functional, and the comfort of work must be high, contributing to efficient and productive work. This is influenced by the size of such a room. According to EU standards, each participant of the meeting should have at least 2 m2 – more information on EU requirements can be found here. It is worth adding appropriate lighting and equipment to technical aspects, such as equipment that facilitates video conferences or the presentation of important presentations in such a way that they are clearly visible to all conference participants. A convenient internet connection, a multimedia projector, screens, a flipchart and sound equipment equipped with microphones and speakers will work. Good conference room acoustics is essential, which is why in modern offices we can increasingly see conference rooms arranged in an acoustic cabin. Why is such a solution a great option?


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Acoustic cabin in the role of a conference room – advantages

Acoustic cabins are a hit on the office equipment market. There are many of them, from small telephone booths, through cabins designed for working in silence for one or two people, to larger conference rooms. There are really many advantages of such a solution. Why, then, should you arrange a conference room in an acoustic cabin?


You have certainly witnessed a situation when during an important meeting, you could hear a loud phone conversation, the sound of a printer, or the noise coming from a busy street behind the wall. Acoustic cabins are primarily a way to create a quiet space, thanks to which no sounds will disturb our concentration. Imagine, for example, a video conference with a key client for the development of the company, and in the background, you can hear the sound of a coffee machine from time to time. Serious companies cannot afford this type of situation, which is why a soundproofed room is essential, and an acoustic cabin will work perfectly for this!


Acoustic cabins are designed with the user in mind. The interior can be equipped with comfortable furniture, such as chairs and tables, as well as appropriate lighting and ventilation. This makes them comfortable and functional for conducting meetings, presentations, or negotiations. The equipment of the conference room must be at the highest level. Acoustic cabins, however, are not very large – in standard about 7 people can fit in them. This makes it even more important to use the most functional solutions in a small space.


Minimalism is a trend in office design that is not only very aesthetically pleasing, but also conducive to good quality work. No unnecessary objects are used in the space of an acoustic cabin, due to its size. Such minimalism gives the impression of a tidy place where modern solutions are used, and this definitely affects concentration, well-being of employees and the atmosphere at work.

Modern design 

Using an acoustic cabin in a conference room can contribute to creating a modern office and a professional image of a company or organization. It shows a fresh approach to business, which will certainly be appreciated by many contractors. It may indicate that the company wants to grow and is looking for modern solutions. In such a space, it is also more pleasant to work for permanent employees of the company. An aesthetic space, without many distractions, is definitely an ally of efficiency and concentration.


Introducing an acoustic cabin to the office does not require creating a new room or building new partitions. An acoustic cabin is a mobile solution, and thanks to its easy assembly and disassembly, it is easy to change its location or layout. This is particularly good for modern offices that are constantly developing – through modular construction, acoustic cabins can be easily adapted to the newly emerging and changing needs of the company.

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