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Michał Kuś, Yolk: When we show new coworking members around, they immediately notice the booth and see the value in it for themselves.

Yolk is more than a coworking space. It was established in 2020, might we add: just before the pandemic broke out. It survived because it is a coworking space focused on its unique community – more than 50% of Yolk Community members are from abroad. This makes 5 Sarego Street in Krakow diverse, interesting and inspiring.

We asked Michal Kuś, manager of this Krakow coworking office, about what they gained when they decided to use our acoustic booths.

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Why did you decide to buy acoustic booths for your office?

MK: For a very simple reason. Most, as much as 85% of our conference room bookings are for only 1 or 2 people, which means that large rooms have often become obsolete. They are not always a good solution. Although they can be booked at Yolk, it is in the booths that the “first come, first served” rule applies. Thus, our clients can quickly jump into a free booth at any time and have a conversation, even an unexpected one. Therefore, in our opinion, it is better to have 4 to even 6 small Call Spot or Talk Spot booths in the same area as one conference room.

Case study Call Spot
Call Spot case study

Isn’t it better to just plan the space differently or renovate the office?

MK: Renovation is a very time-consuming and expensive activity. We saw no need for it at all, having a ready-made solution in front of us. The cabins are small in size, and it is also possible to personalize or make them in non-standard dimensions. Therefore, they can be easily added to rooms and corridors. Even those with an unusual plan, such as old buildings, townhouses – as in our case.

It instantly increases the functionality of the space.

MK: In addition, the booth has allowed us to add a new function to existing rooms, but without compromising their existing purpose. For example: one of our booths stands in the kitchen. You can still prepare a meal or brew coffee in it, but at the same time it has now gained a new functionality: it can become a private space for someone.
Call Spot case study

Are your visitors eager to use this facility?

MK: Sure. People who come to us don’t have to, thanks to the booths, specifically book and block the conference room for longer than necessary. It’s clear that some calls – though brief – require privacy. Call Spots are a good solution because they allow you to enter the booth for only a few minutes. They are cozy and comfortable, but not so much so that you have to sit down and spend hours in them, so almost always any of them are available for those who want them.

It’ very useful at first sight

MK: When we show new members around Yolk, they immediately understand the value and function of the cabin. They imagine that they can use it and see it as a space to escape to and hide in when they feel overwhelmed.

Design that fits into our interior

MK: Our visitors praise the minimalist design of the booths: soft walls that are comfortable to lean against. Transparent glass doors, so you don’t have to guess whether the booth is occupied or not. Besides, the advantage of glass doors is also that the person using the booth is still visible and present to his colleagues, while being isolated from noise. Further, simple communication through body language is possible: gestures or eye contact. You are in a muted space, but you are not completely absent.
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In the case of our coworking space, the acoustic booth was an excellent decision

MK: Yolk Community members are very keen on using the phone booths and keep coming back to us thanks to this innovation, among other things. The booth from Spoty was in use so often that we soon decided to purchase another one. We now have two booths in stock.

Stand out from the competition

MK: If you and your coworking office want to give your clients something extra, I can in good conscience recommend this solution: a small soundproofing room, such as a one-person phone booth. Anyone who has stepped inside once is always happy to return there. The guys at Spoty will definitely help you choose the best option for your space and answer any questions.
Spoty Systems case study
Spoty Systems case study


The realization in the Yolk coworking space in Cracow, and with it the positive reviews from Michal – the manager and clients of the place, gave us confidence that our acoustic solutions work perfectly in shared offices. Visitors are eager to use the booths and comfortably discuss matters important to them in them. The booths have become an important argument for them when choosing a place to work every day during their visit to the heart of Malopolska. Want to work in Krakow and meet great people? Only in Yolk!