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More privacy and peace of mind for you and your colleagues.

Call Spot is an acoustic phone booth that will allow you to make important phone calls away from the unbearable hustle and bustle of the workplace.

For short
telephone calls

230V + USB socket

Energy-efficient lighting

Silent ventilation

Customizable colors

Seat or hocker [additional equipment]

External dimensions + weight

– H: 220cm W: 110cm L: 110cm
– Weight: 320 kg


– Aluminum construction
– Acoustic material
– Glass with acoustic film 4.4.2
– 8mm tempered door
– Lining
– Upholstered acoustic panels

Effective noise insulation

For the production of our cabins we use materials that perfectly isolate sound. These include HPL board, tempered glass with soundproofing film, carpeting and upholstered acoustic panels.

As a result, each space from Spota provides adequate comfort and soundproofing in a noisy space.

Mniej rozpraszającego hałasu to
większa efektywność pracy

Nasze kabiny akustyczne zostały zaprojektowane z myślą o użytkownikach dlatego, pozwalają na reorganizację środowiska biurowego, w taki sposób, by przestrzeń mogła być dostosowana do pracownika, dając mu niezbędne warunki do pracy.

For spontaneous calls and important
phone calls

Whether you just want to confirm the time of a meeting with your contractor or take part in a video conference, Call Spot is the right choice.

For you, it’s the privacy of the conversation. For your co-workers, peace and quiet while you work.

and functionality

Minimalist and timeless – that’s what Spoty booths are. Our team took care of the right design and materials to make the booths fit perfectly into any office, regardless of its style.

Less noise is
more efficiency

Did you know that employees who feel comfortable in the workplace are a gain for the employer?

Research confirms that an employee who performs his tasks in a focused and comfortable environment is more effective.

Comfort of use

Acoustic insulation

Efficient ventilation

Easy to move

The right work environment
increases empleyee's productivity by 20%

We designed the cubicles with their users in mind. That’s why they allow you to easily reorganize your office space to suit your employees’ needs.

Reasearch source: Raport PLGBC “Zdrowe Zielone Biura”, 2018


Rama + ściany

Panele akustyczne



Istnieje możliwość personalizacji szyby i drzwi o dowolny wzór (zapewniający jeszcze większą prywatność) lub logo twojej firmy


Gniazdo 230V + USB
Podparcie / stołek [dodatkowe wyposażenie]

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.”.

John Doe, Company

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