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We are a Polish brand SPOTY and we want to bring comfort to your office. We design, manufacture and supply acoustic rooms for businesses and public spaces. We reduce noise where it requires concentration. We provide privacy in places, where you can really need it.

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Learn about our history

Let’s begin form the start. It’s 2019 and we are located in the second largest city in the Mazovian province – Radom. Our company is primarily engaged in the production of windows and is the leader of this industry in the local market. We are fans of new technologies! We implement more innovative solutions to improve our production and office processes. The number of orders is constantly growing, we are signing more and more contracts, and the team is expanding…
The office is quite noisy place and everyone is often looking for an empty space to talk in silence. A balcony, a staircase, a hallway… Believe it or not – we’ve been there. Then one of us comes up with a crazy idea: “What if we built a phone booth out of our windows?”. We quickly moved from words to deeds, and a few days later it appeared in the heart of our office: the first, prototype acoustic phone booth. It was made of aluminum, partially glazed, not very stable and not the most beautiful. For its construction we used materials that were used on a daily basis in the manufacture of windows. Our experience allowed us to create a completely new product – and a completely new quality.

Office phone booth

The effect? Exceeded the wildest expectations! Employees began to use it eagerly. After all, it turned out that this non-ideal structure provides what our office has so far lacked – soundproofing and a substitute for privacy. From the fulfilled need and smiles on users’ faces, we went a step further. We listened to satisfied colleagues and intrigued customers and constantly improved the booth.
At the end of 2020, we also created for our own use the first two-person booth, which began to serve as a mini conference room. This one, like its predecessor, turned out to be a huge success, so we decided to sail into the wide waters of the domestic and European market with our solutions. Now we are sure that the products we create are conducive to more efficient work and give comfort to their users. Therefore, we confidently invite other companies to use our services and try out the acoustic rooms created by us – for you.

Meet our team

Rafał Wrochna - CEO

Rafał Wrochna

CEO / Investor

Przemysław Wrochna - Project Manager

Przemysław Wrochna

Project Manager

Monika Wrochna - Junior Project Manager

Monika Wrochna

Junior Project Manager

Monika Domagała

Account Manager

Mariusz Słonina

Key Account Manager

Joanna Musiał-Jarosz


Norbert Skrzek

Production project manager

Robert Bork

Production team leader

Grzegorz Supryk - support

Grzegorz Supryk