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5 effective ways to increase productivity in the office

Productivity at work – who among us has never had problems with it? We all know very well the situation when the amount of factors that make it difficult to focus on a specific task at work affects our engagement. Learn about 5 effective ways to increase productivity in the office so that this problem no longer affects you.

How to increase work productivity?

Productivity at work is a desirable trait for both employers and employees – after all, no one likes to have backlogs. Modern office, are those focused on high employee efficiency. Our productivity can be influenced by many factors. Noise in the office, overcrowding or too many duties in the schedule are often cited as the most common reasons for its decrease, causing us to focus on everything a little bit, but on nothing 100%. Of course, there is no situation without a way out – by the power of habits and changing our routines, we can influence our concentration level in the workplace.  What actions should we take to improve our concentration at work and how to increase our productivity? Here are our 5 tips!

1. Find a quiet space

Acoustics in the office are essential for comfortable employee functioning. If there is a lot going on around us, other employees talking or serving customers, and the sound of a printer and coffee machine is the norm – no wonder it’s hard for us to focus. If we have an important task, we should find a space where we can find silence, such as acoustic booths. However, it is often difficult to find such a space in the office – a temporary solution will be to work in headphones, where we can listen to calming music. When designing an office, it is important to insulate the space so that sounds from outside or neighboring offices do not distract employees. It is also important to arrange workstations properly. Desks placed too close to each other can be an obstacle to maintaining concentration. In this case, soundproof partition walls work great.

2. Task prioritization is key

One of the biggest factors that can hinder productivity is multitasking. Employees are then unable to focus their attention on one sentence. The basis is to arrange tasks in such an order as to start with the most important ones. Such a breakdown of duties for the whole day will avoid distraction on smaller tasks. Focus on just one task and gradually tick off the others. This plan of action will definitely help in maintaining productivity.

Jak zwiększyć produktywność pracy?

3. Personalize your work day

Each of us is different and influenced by different factors. It’s worth using self-observation and focusing on individual solutions. If you have the opportunity, adjust your work day to your preferences. Do you see that you show the greatest productivity early in the morning? Sit down to work right after your morning coffee, and leave office gossip for the lunch break. The same goes for breaks – observe how frequent short breaks affect your concentration. For some, it will be just what they need, while for others, a longer break for rest and relaxation will be a better solution.

4. Go for a minimalist space

There are many distracting factors – besides noise, visual chaos is also mentioned. Although it sounds lofty, it’s about having order on your desk

desk and having a clean space around us. An overflowing desk with trash or scattered papers is not a good solution. Not only does it make it difficult to maintain focus, but it also lengthens our work time, which harms productivity. After all, nothing is as frustrating as searching for documents in an unorganized pile of papers for a long time. Take care of the elements that will help you organize them, such as folders or properly labeled files.

5. Limit electronic devices

In today’s world, we have become accustomed to having our phone or messaging apps open on our computers all day long. Innocently glancing at the screen while waiting for a notification a few times an hour can definitely disrupt your work rhythm. It’s worth planning your day in such a way that you can find time for this, for example, during a break or at certain times. During work, it’s better to put your phone away in a drawer, and there will be time to use it later.

Acoustic booths – the perfect place to work

If you think that the perfect place to work doesn’t exist, you’re definitely wrong. One of the interesting solutions is acoustic cabins, , which are increasingly being taken into account when organizacji biura and are used in almost every smart office.

Such a space is a quiet construction where no one will disturb us. The booths can be tailored to the needs of the employees – single-person or for a larger group of people, useful for larger meetings. The possibilities are unlimited! Online conference? An acoustic booth is also a perfect place for this type of activity. We recommend it mainly for independent work, to be sure that no one and nothing can disturb our peace. Acoustic booths are a modern solution that impresses with its functionality!


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