Call Spot

Acoustic telephone booth

Talk Spot S

Acoustic conference room (two-person)

Talk Spot L

Acoustic conference room (six-person)

Work Spot

Acoustic office

Talk Spot M

Acoustic conference room (four-person)

Bed Spot

Acoustic bedside cabin

Main benefits





Why you should choose Spoty?

Elasticity and comfort

Spots is a fully functional solution. Due to its size and construction method, Spots can be located almost anywhere in the office. Its mobility is an asset especially when a quick reorganisation of the workspace is needed.

High quality and comfort

Spots are a guarantee of comfortable work. Wide opening doors, air circulation, profiled seats allow to achieve full comfort of work. In such conditions either work, leisure or telephone conversation will become a pleasure.

Privacy in every situation

Thanks to the use of high quality soundproofing materials, such as extra absorbent acoustic foam, the cabin provides significant absorption of the acoustic waves circulating within the cabin and prevents them from resonating.

Frequently asked questions

The price of each Spoty product depends on many parameters, such as, cabin size, equipment, etc.  Please contact us for more details. 

We supply our products as finished products (fully assembled) or as individual components. In the second case, assembly is our responsibility or that of our distributors.

The range of colour configurations for Spots products is available on our website ( and in our catalogues. Any extra charge depends on the availability of the colour.

For more information on the construction and fittings of Spoty products, please visit ( - in the Technical Data section) and in our catalogues.

The wall structure provides a soundproofing level of ~ 35dB (measured with Tenmars TM102 certified sonometer).

Yes, each of our products is equipped with a silent (8.9 dBA) mechanical ventilation system (for Call Spot the maximum air flow is 160m3/h, for other products 320m3/h).

Our products have standard equipment such as: lighting, ventilation, multiport, adjustable legs. Additional equipment (sofas, tables, shelves, armchairs, castors) is available as a configuration option and is charged extra.

Yes, each of our products comes with a manufacturer's warranty of 24 months. Details are described in the warranty conditions.

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