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Office chairs – 5 most important principles to consider when choosing an office chair

It is commonly known that properly chosen office chairs are the basis of ergonomics and ensuring appropriate work conditions. Poorly fitted seats can have a negative impact on the employee’s health, as well as their mood and concentration. What should we consider when choosing the right office chair? Learn about the 5, in our opinion, most important principles that will certainly help make the best decision when selecting chairs for the office.

How to increase work productivity?

On average, we spend 8 hours a day at work, usually in a sitting position, excluding a few breaks. Back pain caused by office work is largely due to improperly chosen chairs and desks. It is a huge burden on the spine and can have negative health effects in the future. Lower back pain, neck and head aches, and tension in back muscles are just some of the effects of sitting on an improperly chosen chair. The lack of proper seating also means lack of comfort and discomfort, which can be distracting and decrease employee productivity. A modern office and employee well-being are the first steps towards good work results. Therefore, conceptual ergonomics places great emphasis on selecting the appropriate chair and desk for the employee. How to choose the best office chairs for us and our employees? Learn about the 5 most important principles.

Office chair – adjustability in every plane

The ability to adjust the office chair is one of its greatest attributes. Its setting depends on personal preferences, the height of the user, and the height of the desk. Moreover, not every chair is intended for just one employee. Therefore, it is important that everyone can adjust its height, seat depth, armrest height, angle of the backrest, and headrest height. Such features make the office chair universal for anyone who can adjust its settings to their own preferences.

Office chair – seat selection

The choice of seat should also not be random. It should be appropriately large and deep enough to simply sit comfortably. However, it should not be too deep to cause an unnatural posture. The seat is also important in terms of rounding at the edges and slight sagging, so that it does not cause pressure on the thigh. Some models of office chairs also have the function of adjusting the depth and angle, which is definitely an additional advantage.

Jak zwiększyć produktywność pracy?

Ergonomic backrest in an office chair

Inappropriate support of the spine is the basic mistake we make when choosing an office chair. A good backrest can significantly improve seating comfort. Its design is crucial, with a special profile in the lumbar area, which reduces pressure on the intervertebral discs and makes it easier to maintain a vertical spine. It is important that the backrest is ergonomic and always fits the length of the back.

Accessories for office chairs – armrests and headrests

We often overlook smaller elements of an office chair, such as armrests and headrests, but they are crucial for comfortable work. To reduce tension in the neck area and prevent neck pain, a proper headrest is necessary. Its task is to relieve the skeletal system during long hours spent in a sitting position. Above all, it should have a height adjustment function so that the headrest touches the back of the head.

Not every office chair has armrests in its construction – however, this is an important element that allows you to maintain proper posture during long hours of sitting, avoid slouching, and give tired hands a break from typing on the keyboard.

What material should office chairs be made of?

No less important than the above points is what an office chair is made of. When it comes to backrests, they are often made of a special flexible mesh or foam. Avoid leather-like materials that quickly heat up and tend to stick to the body. It’s worth choosing “breathable” materials – a popular choice is a mesh membrane that provides excellent ventilation, which is especially important in hot weather and conforms to the shape of the body. Remember, in this case, design is not everything!

In our previous article, we addressed the issue of an office chair for tall people. If you are tall and looking for the right office chair, be sure to read our article!


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