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Office arrangement – what should you take care of?

Although at first glance we may not pay attention to the interior arrangement of the office, it has a significant impact on the comfort of employees. There is no one golden rule for how office space should look, as there are many types of offices and companies. However, we do know some principles that make interior design in offices easier and more user-friendly. Join us in discovering the secrets of the perfect office interior arrangement!

Office interior design – what to pay attention to?

Office space is a specific area for arrangement, and arranging it properly is not an easy task. Interior design in offices and good office work organization are essential. Although it may seem like just arranging desks, it is far from it. A good arrangement consists of many elements that are designed to ensure good organization, ergonomics and comfort for office workers. Such a space is also a business card for the company, even if customers or partners are not frequent visitors to the company’s headquarters. What elements of decor should you pay attention to?

Ensure proper lighting

Good lighting is a crucial element of office arrangement. It affects the well-being of employees – too warm colors will make them feel tired and relaxed. The color temperature should be 4000K. On the other hand, too sharp light makes concentration difficult. Of course, this also has a significant impact on our eyes. The best choice is to use natural light sources as much as possible. The light intensity used to illuminate the office should be at a value of 500 lx.

Choose practical solutions

Who doesn’t like practical solutions? It’s worth considering what furniture and mechanisms to choose to make work as easy as possible. Depending on the nature of the work, these solutions may vary. Comfortable workstations, storage spaces, cork or interactive boards, or relaxation areas are just some of them. It’s worth looking into the matter of smart office and adjusting these solutions to the needs of employees.

Go green with plants

Plants are an essential part of office space arrangement. Studies have shown that having greenery in the office leads to better productivity and job satisfaction among employees. Indoor plants also increase humidity and air circulation, which positively impacts air quality. This is particularly important in air-conditioned offices and during heating seasons when air can become overly dry. When arranging an office space, it’s important to keep things minimal, including the color scheme. Wall colors should be light, such as cream, gray, or white, and plants can provide a perfect pop of color.

Aranżacja wnętrz biurowych

Interior design of office spaces and the needs of employees

Although there are many universal principles regarding office design, such as lighting and furniture arrangement, it is important to tailor the space to the needs of the employees. It is crucial to consider the nature of the company and the responsibilities of the employees. Does the company have frequent client meetings? Make sure to have a dedicated space or room for these meetings. It is also beneficial to have a multimedia area for online meetings. If employees work on multiple projects and have piles of papers on their desks, provide appropriate furniture for storage. This will help maintain order and employee focus. The key is to listen to the needs of the employees as they know best what they need and what factors enable their work.

Open space office design

In the design of open space offices it is important to separate individual areas. Even though employees are in the same place, it is important to provide elements that allow for some privacy. The distance between workstations should be comfortable for everyone, and small partitions or potted plants can also help. For this type of office, a relaxation area and a dining area are common solutions, allowing employees to have meals at work. There are many solutions for office design, but the most important factors are comfort, convenience, and ergonomic workspaces. A well-designed office improves work efficiency, and a tailored space facilitates concentration and focus on tasks. For open space offices, it is worth considering  acoustic booths and telephone booths, which significantly improve work comfort and allow for meetings and phone calls in complete comfort.


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